Robert and Jeanna Yono
Robert Eugene Yono was born on
January 3rd, 1959 in Columbus,
Ohio, the son of
Joan (Sells) Yono
and Robert Gene Yono.

Bob married Pam Hollingshead on
September 30th, 1978, a union which
produced one child (see below).  
They are now divorced.

On July 3rd, 1992 Bob remarried
Jeanna Nickoloff, who was born on
April 13, 1962.  This union has
produced 3 children (see below).


Robert Nicholas Yono: b. 9-14-1983
(mother is Pam Hollingshead)
Jack Curtis Yono: b. 11-2-1993
Jacob Ryan Yono: b. 8-14-1996
Joshua Brian Yono: b. 5-26-2000
(mother is Jeanna Nickoloff)

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