January 2005
James E. Sells, son of Thomas and
Mary Sells, and father of Marvin
Sells.  Marvin Sells had four
children; Jack, Eleanor, James and
July 2004
Nellie, Bill and Red Sells
circa 1955
Shirley (Sells) Culbreth
March 2005
This is a photo taken in 1929 of
Mary Sells and her youngest child
Clara.  It was taken at the site of
Thomas Sells' grave (Union
Cemetery) the day he was buried.
Owner-Clarence (Sonny) Downey
August 2004
Shirley Sells, Linda Martin,
Georgia Sells
circa 1949
Shirley (Sells) Culbreth
June 2005
David Sells and his maternal
grandmother Thelma Heffner
enjoying a hot summer day,
probably on a beach in the Sandusky
Ohio area.  This is the only known
photo of David as a baby sitting in
the lap of any of his grandparents.
Summer 1966
David Sells
September 2004
Thomas and Mary Sells with
all 9 adult children (Edward,
James, George, Joseph, Becky,
Katie, Clara, Dolly and Sadie)
circa 1910
October 2004
William "Red" Sells (far
right) photographed with Tex
Ritter and the Knickerbocker
Theatre (1937)
Pauline (Sells) Martin
July 2005
Four of George and Ida Sells'
children.  Possibly Martha,
Charles, Earl and Ethel.  Circa
Owner-Clarence (Sonny) Downey
Fall 2005
Possibly James Sells, son of
Thomas and Mary Sells,
with wife Minnie Bennett.  
Spring 2006
Red Sells flexing some muscle
circa 1952
David Sells
William (Red) Sells with grandchildren,
Judy, David and Bill Sells.  April 1967.  This
was the last known photo taken of Red Sells
before his death.
David Sells
Year unknown
James and Minnie (Bennett) Sells
Owner-Jim Sells
Summer 1940
Bill Sells holding sister Shirley (Sells) Culbreth
Owner-David Sells