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William and Nellie Sells
William Edward Sells was born April 4th,
1906,  and passed away on April 20th, 1967.
He was the 9th of 12 children born to
George and Ida Sells.

Nellie Ruth Schultz was born on July 26th
1908, and passed away on July 30th, 1974.

William Edward Sells and Nellie Ruth
Schultz were married on September 24th,
1925 in Columbus, Ohio.

William and Nellie are buried in Obetz
Cemetery, Obetz, Ohio.
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Their union produced seven children which
included six girls and one boy.  In order of
birth, these children are:

Pauline Mae:  b. 7-26-1926 - d. 5-21-2006
Ruth Alice:  b. 6-7-1928
William Joseph:  b. 12-30-1930
Joan:  b. 6-19-1933 - d. 5-31-2000
Juanita:  b. 10-21-1934 - d. 8-27-2014
Shirley Ann:  b. 5-10-1939 - d. 12-20-2013
Georgia Ann:  b. 7-12-1942 - d. 10-24-2011
l to r. Georgia, Shirley, Juanita, Joan, Bill, Ruth, Pauline.